Friday, December 3, 2010

Fun Friday Facts

Listening to: the new Sara Bareilles new album 'Kaledioscope Heart'

Reading: The Ape House by Sara Gruen.

Obsessed with: getting my Christmas shopping done.

Thinking about: Nick who is in Madison tonight to celebrate his friend Bill's birthday. They have a tendency to get into trouble. :) Pray that he comes back in one piece.

Planning to: add photos to my December Daily album tonight. Third year and still loving it.

Dreaming of: dreaming while sleeping on my awesome flannel sheets.

Enjoying: how excited Bennet is with everything related to the holiday season. If I could convert her enthusiasm into power she could tow my car home.

Vowing to: get finish sewing pj pants this weekend.

Working on: decorating the house for Christmas

Excited about: watching all the Holiday movies this year. First up- Love Actually.


Steph Hughes said...

Love Actually is one of my favorites!!

gottaluvboyz said...

Love your list!!!!

Gabi said...

Love Actually - was actually the first movie that we watched for Xmas at my house too. Then we watched the Muppets Christmas Carol (love that one). I downloaded Miss Sara B's new album like a month ago, but I haven't gotten around to listening to it because I've been listening to Christmas music since Nov. 1st :) I love all her work.