Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Daily December- Dec. 8

December 8th-
Grandma Sweeney got the Elf on the Shefl for the girls. He watches what they do and reports back to Santa on whether they are naughty or nice. Each morning he's hiding in a new spot. The girls love it! Some sad face mornings but usually happy.

If the girls are naughty the Elf will have a piece of paper with a sad face with him in the morning. It's usually sad because the girls didn't go to bed without a fuss the night before. When we were at Scout's Holiday program at the YWCA Bennet started crying when she saw Santa walk into the Auditorium. I asked her why she was sad. She said that he was going to be disappointed that she'd been getting sad faces from the Elf. I told her all she had to do was apologize to Santa for misbehaving and he'd tell her she could start over. How precious is she?

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