Thursday, December 9, 2010

Daily December- Dec. 5- Dec. 6

December 5-
Ellie is just soaking up all the sights and sounds of a Sweeney Christmas season. We're so lucky that she's an easy going kid- she just goes with the flow. Look at that messy face!

We've had 2 broken ornaments already but not she's not the culprit. Matches (Bennet) got to one and Gasoline (Scout) got the other.

December 6-
St. Nick's Day. I remember putting shoes out for St. Nick as a kid but I guess the traditional version involves socks so we go with that. The big girls loved the candy, nail polish, nail stickers and tattoos that they found in their socks. Ellie immediately fell in love with the little pink monkey Nick picked out for her. She's been carrying it around all week.

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