Sunday, December 26, 2010

Eleanor Margaret at 11 months

I honestly can't believe that in one month she'll be 1 year old. Her first year seemed to go by quicker than the big girls although that's impossible.

Here I was a year ago.
And here is Ellie right now. Nick and I often quote the line from Parenthood- "By the third kid, you know, you let them juggle knives." In our case we let her enjoy part of her big sisters birthday cake.

Right now Ellie is:
  • Starting to stand on her own. It won't be long until we have a full out walker!
  • Still is size 18 month clothes although I see a size upgrade in her future.
  • Starting to wave which is downright adorable.
  • LOVES bathtime with her big sisters. She gets the biggest smile when she splashes.
  • Done eating cereal/baby food and can polish off a hot dog lickety split.
  • She likes to babble and repeat sounds back to you. She'll say Mama, Dada, and boop.
  • She's fallen in love with her Daddy. She will crawl with great quickness to get to him.
  • Loves to stand on your legs and lean her head way back.
  • Weighed 24 lbs. 4 oz. at an ear recheck this month.
  • Has developed a throaty, hearty laugh. It's pretty contagious!

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gottaluvboyz said...

She is so stinkin' cute! Happy 11 months, Ellie:) I hear you on the third child (ahem, or fourth here). LOL