Saturday, November 1, 2008


The Rules:
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Here are six random things about me:

1.) When I was 5 years old I ran through a plate glass door with my arm and needed 70+ stitches. I still have the scar. In MN on May Day we would deliver May baskets, ring the doorbell and run. The recipient was supposed to chase you and try to kiss you. Well- I was at Stacy Dargis's house and I ran through the breezeway and pushed to door open with my hands. Grandma's door swung open when you did that- Stacy's did not :)

2.) I have an interest (Nick calls it creepy) in conjoined twins. If there is a documentary or special about it I am sucked in. I once sat behing the Schappell twins on a flight to Philly. Thinking about it now it was kind of creepy.

3.) I've met some fun celebrities. I sat next to Cheech Marin on a flight from Minneapolis. Ran into Tony Danza at a casino in Connecticut. Got an autograph from Dave Matthews at a hotel in Columbus. Had my photo taken with Boyd Tinsley and Aaron Gibson. Who else? Um. . . I saw Minnie Driver and Jamie Bell in London when we were on our honeymoon. Rode in an elevator with Tyler Christopher.

4.) Speaking of Dave Matthews. I've seen him in concert 18 times. But the last time was in 2002. I need to get back to a show.

5.) I love beer. If I had the means (and the liver) I would try a new beer every day of the year. 365 deliciously unique beers. Oh man- doesn't that sound awesome?

6.) I once came in second place for the Minnesota State Fire Prevention poster contest. I think I was in 3rd or 4th grade. My slogan was '911- The Hottest Number in Town' Pretty catchy huh? My dad, who has been a firefighter for 20+ years, helped me come up with that. I think I won $50 and had my picture with the Fire Chief in the local paper.

I am tagging the following people because I want to know more about you and I think your responses will be fun! I won't be hurt if you don't participate. MaryW, Kitty, Jen, Melissa, Matt, Charity


Jayne said...

Very fun - thanks for sharing! :)

happydays525 said...

Super fun! I'll do this for sure, thanks for linking me too! =)