Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

Didn't I just have a birthday? I feel like the older I get the faster time goes by. This coming May will mark 10 years of my college graduation. Bennet turns 3 next month. We've lived in Wausau for over 5 years and I am turning 33.

(On a side note I just realized that I am really starting to look like my mom. This is a good thing. Well- an ok thing since I think she's pretty hip all things considered)

Here are the A,B,C's of me at 33

A: Anniversary- Celebrated 5 years of wedded bliss in September. I would do it all again.

B: Bennet. She is growing up so fast and becoming such a fun little person. Her latest phrase is "Oh brother" and "Couty NO!"

C: Coffee. 2 cups of 1/2 caff with flavored cream- daily.

D: Dark Knight- One of the best films of the year and yes, it is Oscar worthy.

E: Eagerly waiting for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince NEXT summer (too long) It was SUPPOSED to come out TODAY. Damn Twilight.

F: Facebook & french fry junkie

G: General Hospital watcher. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit I DVR it daily.

H: Hopes my next year is as wonderful and blessed as this one has been.

I: Idiot Box- I really like TV. Grey's, Office, HIMYM, Pushing Daisies, The Unit, ANTM.

J: Just thinks Neil Patrick Harris is too darn cool. Goodbye Doogie, Hello Barney/DrHorrible!

K: Kentucky- Scout and I took a trip to KY to visit online-turned-3D friends Carrie and Carla.

L: Laughter on a daily basis. It keeps me balanced. And I need balance.

M: Mr Darcy. Oh my goodness I still get weak in the knees over Colin Firth (and my camera of the same name)

N: Nick groupie. I really think he's a pretty amazing guy. Love love love. :)

O: Oldies- I really dig old music. Well- like 70's-80's old. I'm talking Hall and Oates, Lionel Ritchie, Earth,Wind & Fire, Journey, Doobie Brothers.

P: Published. I had 2 layouts picked up for publication in 2008. The issues come out in Dec.

Q: Queen. I am the queen of blog hopping. I subscribe to 120+ (eek!!) I don't read them all everyday, don't worry.

R: Red. I adore the color red. Red walls, shoes, purses, clocks, clothes.

S: Scout - She is such a happy child. She gets so excited when she see me come home from work it makes my day.

T: Totally Terrific. On the whole I feel like I have a pretty darn good thing going. Wonderful husband, healthy kids, a steady job, fabulous friends (both 3D and online), irreplaceable family and a hobby that keeps me sane!

U: United Airlines-In Feb. Scout and I took a trip to KY to visit Carrie and Carla. So much fun.

V: Vacation. I wish I had more vacation time. I'd love to get back to NYC soon for an adult weekend.

W: WDEZ- Country Music radio station. I have a little hick in me.

X: Xtra- I'm such a pop culture fiend. If only I could make money with my trivia vault of useless information.

Y: Yearns for nails that don't break all the time.

Z: Zzzzz- Once a napper always a napper. I try to sneak one on the weekend when the girls snooze.


mustangkayla said...

Happy Birthday! Love the abc's of you, such a great idea!

Tara said...

Happy Birthday Kari!! hopeyou have a great day!!

Melissa S said...

Happy Happy 33!!!!

Jayne said...

Happy Birthday to a very special lady! I have really enjoyed spending time with you this past year! :)

Charity said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!! I hope you had an excellent day.

charlotte said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! I loved reading this entry! What a great bday blog :) Hope your special day was super

Jenney said...

Happy (belated) Birthday!!

Love the little tidbits of info about you. =)