Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Princess Pennies

Bennet is just such a fun girl. I know that every child who is 2 going on 3 is full of funny phrases and thought processes but she just makes us laugh with the things that she comes up with.

Yesterday when I dropped Bennet off at daycare she heard change in my coat pocket. Of course she wanted it to put in her piggy bank. Well- since her piggy bank was at home and not at Amy's house we suggested she put it in her pocket. The nickel stayed safe in sound in her Levi's all day.

Later that evening she was going through a Hasbro toy catalog with Nick. We were hoping that she would give us some indication of what toys would make her Christmas magical this year. She was unimpressed with the Playdoh maker but really liked Darth Vader (go figure). She showed interest in a little kitchen and an automated horse. Well the horse was $300. No way! I said, "That's kind of expensive honey"

She continued to flip through the pages and ooh and ah. Then she saw the Princess page. She immediately did a little twist and swirl like she did when she was a flower girl for Matt & Megan's wedding. I said,

Mom- "Do you like the princess Bennet?"

B- "Dyah"

Mom- "Well- maybe you can get it for your birthday or Christmas"

B- "Oh oh oh"

Then she proceeds to dig her little fingers into her pocket to get the nickel. She holds it up and says, "Princess mama. Piggy bank Princess"

Come on- isn't that sweet? Wanting to use her money to help buy the princess.

She earned a penny today for staying dry in her big girl underwear. As soon as I got home she was quick to tell me that the penny was for her Princess.

Oh Santa. . .

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