Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Last Week

Some random photos from the last week.

This is the famous Stoli kitty. Nick bought it at the hospital the day Bennet was born and she hasn't been without it since. It is her version of the Velveteen Rabbit. Poor little thing has no shape left. When we were getting ready this morning I saw her taking pictures of her kitty. I helped hold the camera but she did most of it. Not too bad. Scout is nearly 15 months old and finally has some teeth. She got her first tooth at 13 1/2 months. She had one on the top and one on the bottom, on the same side for awhile. Now the other two are coming in. Just in time for Christmas :)
Nick's Grandma Gladys (Happy Bottom) turned 85 last Thursday. Here are 7 of the 8 girl greatgrandkids. Only Nicole, Duncan and Matt were unable to be here. Lots of birthday's this month. Nov 20- Gladys Nov 21- Me. Nov 22- Grandpa Mike Bennet is starting to think there is a birthday and cake everyday.

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JC/DC said...

Are you kidding me????? Is that really Scout?!?!?!? Holy cow she is getting so big! Such a cutie!