Monday, July 2, 2012

Woo Hoo Wednesday- June 27

When I checked the temperature for last week's Woo Hoo Wednesday and saw that it was going to be in the 90's (HOT for Wisconsin) I knew it was time to tackle the 
Kids Car Wash Project. 

I'd seen this posted on several Pinterest boards and pinned it with the intention of making it sometime this summer. That sometime was NOW! 

I used a tutorial found here. 

7 – ¾” x 10’ PVC Pipes
3/4″ FM x 1/2″ MIP hose adapter (See modifications) 
3/4″ x 1/2″ slip x threaded tee (See modifications) 
10- ¾” PVC elbows (without threading)
10- ¾” PVC tees (without threading)
¾” x 48” dowel (See modifications)
Spray Paint (Optional)
Hose Splitter (See modifications)

I found Menards to be MUCH cheaper than Home Depot. Across the board. I had all the PVC pieces cut at the store. I'd recommend going during the week during a slow period (early morning or noon). Chances are the staff will be more willing to cut them for you. 


Measuring tape
Epoxy/Silicone (for dowels)
Drill and 1/16” bit


  • Added a second section for water. I thought having only one spot for water was kind of lame. I duplicated the front arch at the second arch. I kept the second arch using (3) 30" PVC pieces and (1) 24" PVC piece. I added another 3/4" threaded tee and an additional hose connector. 
  • If you add a second water spray location you will need (2) 3/4″ FM x 1/2″ MIP hose adapters, (2)3/4″ x 1/2″ slip x threaded tees, Hose Splitter, (4) 4" dowels instead of 2
  • I sprang for 4 cans of spray paint ($12) and painted all the parts. It really took the car wash to a whole other level. No more ugly white PVC pipe with lettering all over it. I love how it looks! 
I really wanted the girls and I to make it all by ourselves. I'd say that we did about 90% of it. Nick helped with some cutting and drilling. Somehow when I went to put it together I lost one of the pieces. I have a feeling Ellie walked off with it. 

Here's how it turned out. I gotta say- I'm pretty darn proud of the finished product.

This is my new favorite picture. We have very few photos of all 3 girls together and this one captures who they are to a T!


Brenda G said...

I can't quit smiling! I love that! How fun and creative. You are amazing!!

Michelle said...

That is so cool! I have it pinned too. That last photo is the best!!!