Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Baby Belly Growing

I am still loving the simple, 8 1/2 x 11 format that I'm using for my pregnancy album. Plus- keeping it to a central color theme really helps streamline the process as well. I guess by the 4th kid I've lived and learned. 

TITLE: Showing
Journaling: Here I am at 18 weeks. Starting my 4th month. At my 15 week appt. I finally got to hear your heartbeat. Pounding away at 150 bmp. Thump thump. I lost 3 lbs. from my first check up but I know that the weight will come. I still wear some regular clothes but those days are numbered. My belly has definitely popped in the last month.  Last week I felt you really moving for the first time. I forgot how crazy & creepy it feels at the beginning.

TITLE: The Very Sight of You
Journaling: Besides holding you in person, there is nothing quite like seeing you on an ultrasound. Your biggest sisters Bennet & Scout joined your Dad & me for our anatomy scan. Once they realized what they were looking at they were in awe. “Mom- I see Mitten’s back! I see the heart- right there Mom! Dad- you see it?” The results show that you are 100% healthy. Nothing to be concerned about. Just how we’d hoped. June 26, 2012

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