Monday, July 30, 2012

In This Spot

Yesterday I called my mother-in-law from our Guys Who Grill event to see if she could bring some serving spoons. Her response, "Sure- I think I have some leftover from your wedding" as if our wedding was last month, not nearly 9 years ago. September 6, 2003. Bless her heart. She came through with the spoons like a champ!

That conversation reminded me of our wedding and the fact that I have a related layout I've been meaning to share.

Here we are- newly married. )On a side note- our niece Morgan, whose face you can see, just turned 15! WHAT!)

I took this photo of the girls on Easter 2011 sitting under the arbor where Nick and I exchanged our wedding vows. 
Journaling: In this spot Nick and I were married. We exchanged our wedding vows under this arbor
at his parents house in September 2003. Fast forward eight years to 2011 and our three
daughters can be found sitting underneath it. It all started right there in that spot. 

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