Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Woo Hoo Wednesday (July 11)

The girls are already getting excited for the 5th Annual Camp G&G at the end of August. This year my parents are taking all three girls (along with my niece Molly) for camp. Bennet asked if we could make a paper chain. Done! 

Nick and I will be taking advantage of a rare child-free pre-#4 weekend with a mini-vacay to Chicago so it serves as a Countdown to Chicago chain as well! 

This wasn't my first time at the Paper Chain Rodeo. I have made paper chains before and this is what I learned. A. I can never remember to take a link off every day and then I lose count and B. Scout always asks, "How many more sleeps Mom!" With that in mind I decided to put the date on each link along with the number of sleeps left until camp. Sometimes I'm a genius. 


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