Thursday, December 3, 2009

More Thermos Layouts

I can hardly believe that I am 31 weeks today. 7 months pregnant. That means that Thermos will be making his/her arrival in 7-8 weeks. Holy guacamole Batman- that's not that far off. Once January arrives we'll be in the home stretch.

TITLE: $106 for socks? Really? really.
Layout about my compression socks. Yes- I spent $106 on one pair of socks. Total craziness. Don't get me started.

And here I am at 7 months/31 weeks pregnant.

JOURNALING: Time is flying past as my belly grows. I'm starting to move a little slower. You still do backflips and cartwheels. You will make your arrival in less than 9 weeks. We can hardly wait.


Jamilie said...

Love them! Wow.. Your baby is almost here! ;-) I need to start my pics.. but I Got nothing to show for right now except fat.. hehe

Amy said...

Kari, you look absolutely TERRIFIC!!