Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Bennet!

4 years ago we welcomed Bennet Leona and our lives have never been the same.
Climbing in the dryer at age 1. Pigtails at 2.

A terrific 3 year old.Our fantastic 4 year old. She had a fever on Saturday so we had to cancel her birthday party. Grandma and Grandpa Trunnell still made the trek from MN so she still had a fabulous day. Nick made and decorated the cake. Impressed right? Happy Birthday to my Grandpa Bud too! He's 94. Happy Birthday to my cousin Tiffany too! She's 23! (Yes- my Grandpa has a granddaughter and greatgranddaughter who share his birthday. Very cool!)


Brenda said...

Happy Birthday Bennet! I hope you are feeling better very soon. So glad your Grandpa and Grandma could come celebrate with you!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Bennet!!! Feel better soon!!

Melissa said...

found your blog link through Scrapfreak.... What an adorable baby she was... and what a beautiful young girl she has become! That is pretty cool about the sharing of birthdays.... I always think that's neat!

Carla said...

Wow - fantastic cake :) Way to go Nick!