Sunday, December 6, 2009

Daily December Album- 2009 Edition

Last year I made a Daily December Album inspired by Ali Edwards. I had so much fun with it that I wanted to make another one this year. All the supplies except the album itself came from existing supplies. Talk about a great way to use up that holiday stash. It always seems to grow!!
The key to success is to get it prepped before December starts. I actually started prepping pages in July and had my album pages ready to go by the end of last month. Now all I have to do is take the photo and put the page together.
Here are the first 5 days of December.

December 1-
JOURNALING: Dec. 1, 2009 came with sun and no snow on the ground. The girls made a paper chain to countdown the days until Christmas. It hangs on the wall in their room. The 1st of many fun holiday craft projects.

December 2-
JOURNALING: New this year is a 3 ft. tree in the girls room. They love it. Today we made glittery ornaments to add to the tinsel and lights.

December 3- JOURNALING: This girl AMAZES me. 2009 has thrown her curve ball after curve ball yet she still faces every day with a smile. I spent the day with Karin in Madison as she had her 6th Chemo treatment. It was wonderful to spend time with such a special friend. It is the season of friends and family. I am so lucky to be blessed with both.

December 4- JOURNALING: Our first time at the Holiday Parade was cold, 15 degrees, but we still had fun. Nick made fancy hot cocoa & we joined Jess & Kim (+ kids) for the lights, music, animals, candy & the best part- the big guy, Santa Claus. December 5- JOURNALING: We went to Newby's Tree Farm today for our annual Christmas Tree Cutting. We got off the trailer & the very first tree we saw was perfect.. We cut it down and waiting by thebonfire for a ride back to base. We all went inside to pay. When we came back to load our tree it was gone. Someone had taken out tree- and didn't pay for it! Nick trudged back into the woods to cut another tree. I hope the thieves have all the needles falls off. Who steals a tree? A bah Humbug day!


.jessica jo. said...

love all your layouts so far! im glad we could be a part of your christmas this year! :)

Amy said...

Terrific pages, Kari! I cannot believe some stinker stole your tree!

Jayne said...

LOVE all these pages Kari! I seriously can't believe someone would take your tree....sheesh!