Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Final Countdown to Baby Thermos

Well- we end 2009 at 35+ weeks. Here is my 8 month layout.
TITLE: 8 Months

Journaling: We end the month of December at 35 weeks. If you're like your sister Scout you could join us in a little over 2 weeks. The month was filled with holiday baking, wrapping and relaxing. I am starting to geel very big and sleep is becoming more elusive. It's hard dealing with baby hormones during this time of year. I tend to get sappy & tearful about everything. Our last Christmas together as a family of 4. Your crib is ready. Your tiny clothes are hanging in the closet. Your name has been narrowed down. Now we just wait until the day we meet you.

TITLE: The Truth Is

I love this layout. The design came to me when I was in that half awake half asleep space. My main goal of this layout was to highlight the good and bad parts of my current pregnancy. I really wanted to focus on the story with a complimentary photo. It was very important to me that I include handwritten journaling as well.


Jamilie said...

SO exciting!! Love your LO! I will have to start taking belly shots.. I am on 3rd month and have nothing yet.. :-(

charlotte said...

Both sides are great! always love your journaling

Charity said...

Ok that is my absolute favorite!

Vanessa said...

Gorgeous layouts Kari!