Wednesday, September 9, 2009

WooHoo Wednesday- Sept. 9

The leaves have already started to change colors here which means Fall is coming. Tonight is the 2nd to the last night of Nick's golf season so it's our 2nd to last WooHoo Wednesday of the year.

The weather was beautiful today. In the low 80's. A true rarity in Wisconsin. I decided it was a 'Break the Rules' kind of night.

Bennet started without us by running through the sprinkler at daycare. She was still wet when we picked her up.

Our first stop was the playground. Scout loves the merry-go-round. B decided to pick me a bunch of dandelions. She can be such a sweet kid.

My current book complete with my Leinenkugels bookmark :)

Rule Breakage #1- Ice cream cones BEFORE dinner. They both had them polished off before we even got home.
Rule Breakage #2- Dinner in the living room in front of the TV. A big no-no except on WooHoo Wednesday.
Rule Breakage #3- Extra long bath with extra bubbles and splashing.
All in all a very good night. Even with #2 doing #2 in the bathtub. :)


Melissa S said...

lol on #2 doing #2 in the bathtub....ha! Been there..done that 2! It's good to break the rules sometimes...

Melissa S said...

ack...clarification....not me with the #2...Abigail....:)

Matt said...

Is going #2 in the tub against the rules too?