Monday, September 21, 2009

Bye Bye Kraft Girls

Apparently I am the Ted McGinley of the scrapbook Design Team world. It seems that everytime I find a home/team to be part of the site/club goes and has the 'Jump the Shark' episode. First it was Scrap4Life and now it's Kraft Girl Kits.

I'm sad to announce that Kraft Girl Kits is going out of business. I completely understand Pam's decision to spend more time with her young family. Finding balance and harmony in life is always a fine line to walk and I'm glad she made the decision she did.

The upside is that this means a SALE!!! All of the kits with the exception of the September kit are 50% off of the original $32 price…$16!! This is an incredible deal!!! Shewill be happy to combine shipping, so after the shipping costs are calculated, you will receive a refund between the shipping costs charged and the actual costs.

If you want to do it all in one transaction, contact her here and let me know what all you want and I will send you a Paypal invoice.

**Edited (some kits have sold out)** November 08, December 08, July 09, August 09, and September 09 kits are left. To check them out and purchase them, please go HERE!

Happy shopping:)

Pam- thanks for the opportunity to be part of your Team and dream!!


mustangkayla said...

Its so sad to see another store/site close. I was really bummed when S4l closed too!

Williams Family said...

it's clearly time to start something, Miss Kari