Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Another year has come and gone. This photo is a pretty accurate depiction of what we're really like don't you think?
Six years.

Our first anniversary we were celebrating surviving that first year in Wausau.
Our second anniversary found us celebrating the impending arrival of Bennet.
On our third anniversary, we were enjoying a pretty go with the flow year of firsts.
Our fourth anniversary found us in the hospital celebrating the early arrival of Scout.
Our fifth we celebrated Scout's 1st birthday with family and friends.

Our sixth anniversary we are at the cabin spending time together as a family. Unplugging and replugging. The absolute best present I could ask for.

Nick- It seems weird to thank you but I am just so grateful for you. I often sneak a glance at you while we're sitting on the couch together and think "Wow- this is still exactly what I want!" You remind me that when we work together as Team Sweeney every bump that the road of life throws at us is just that- a bump. Never a crater. I love you.

(Last year's post:

Happy anniversary wishes to our friends Matt & Amy Bell who also celebrate their 6th anniversary today.


mustangkayla said...

Happy Anniversary!

Amy said...

You are so thoughtful - thanks so much for the anniversary shout out! :)

Wishing you and Nick many, many more wonderful years together. What a terrific team!

jenney said...

How sweet!! Happy Anniversary, guys!

Michelle said...

happy anniversary!!

Stacey said...

Happy anniversary!! What a sweet post!