Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September Kraft Girl Layouts- Take Two

Here are the remaining three layouts I made with this month's kit. I think the middle one is my favorite of the month. Very classic and linear but for sentimental reasons, a favorite.

Summer Fine
I used crayon and pen to color in the letters for this layout.

journaling: This summer your personality really started to shine through. More giggles, more exploring, more chattering.. It was fun to watch. You helped make our 2009 summertime oh so very summer fine!

Photo credit: Matthew Nohr

What a Difference
note: White rub on alphabets are NOT part of the kit.

I took a photo from each month of Scout's 2nd year (She'll be two this Saturday.) and added the month to the photo itself in white. Just look at the difference from the first photo (last Sept) and the last photo (Aug 09). I used my square punch to keep everything uniform.

I hand stitched the black frame with embroidery floss.

Journaling: 365 short days from baby to little girl.

I like you too sugar
I really wanted to use this label for journaling but had more the say than space would allow if I hand wrote it. I printed it out on a piece of plain paper as a test and then lined the label up and reprinted it. Schnazzy little trick.

Journaling: When you do something to make me smile I tell you "I like you honey" One day you responded with "I like you too sugar" that just made me laugh more. Now it's something we repeat to each other and laugh together. photos- june 2009


Jenn said...

Kari, all your layouts are just fabulous! You really rocked this kit!

jenney said...

Super cute pages!!