Thursday, May 7, 2009

Growing Up

This last Tuesday Scout turned 20 months old and incidentally had her first day of day care. Bennet has been going to a fabulous in-home daycare, Tadpole Academy, since she was 22 month old. When Amy said she had an opening for Scout on Tuesday's and Friday's we jumped on it.
Scout has been at home with Nick since she was born. But as anyone with kids can attest to, it's hard to get real work done while trying to keep toddlers at bay. Nick's graphic design/web development company is really busy (woo hoo!!! way to go!! Big Fat Designs) and well, she was starting to get a little bored. Now Nick can schedule his meetings/etc on those days and Scout gets some interaction and development with other kids.
When I dropped her off on Tuesday it was a piece of cake. She just walked me to the door, smiled, waved and said 'Bye Mama'. Bennet was the one who requested 5 hugs and kisses :) I had no doubt that she would be fine. Both of our girls are pretty independent, social beings. The only thing I was nervous about was nap time since they nap on mats on the floor. She's used to a crib. Not to worry- she went right to sleep.
We feel lucky to have found a place that fits us and our kids so well. Amy- Thank you for everything you do for our girls!


La- said...

awesome! Glad you have a place that takes such good care of your kids. They are dolls!!


Heredia Family/Yvie said...

I am glad you have a place that takes good care of your girls. They are so cute.

Charity said...

Oh my goodness I cannot believe how much Scout looks like Bennett in that picture. They are growing up way too fast!