Monday, May 25, 2009

8 years today

8 years ago today Nick and I had our first date. Our 10 hour first date.

Photo from our engagement party in 2003

I forgot to mention in my last post that I was living in Madison at the time and Nick was 1 1/2 hours south in Milwaukee.

Over the course of the week we discussed the date over email. Nick said he'd come up to Madison but I told him since I asked him out that I would go to Milwaukee. Only fair. We decided to go to the Milwaukee County Zoo on Memorial Day.

I wore a cute yellow linen skirt and a white tank top. I drove to Milwaukee and arrived for our date promptly at noon. As predicted by Karin, Nick opened the door wearing his "Surf" shirt.

We drove to the zoo and parked in a Catholic church parking lot. I remember Nick asking if I thought it was ok. My reply was, "Sure. My Mom would be really happy to know I was at church" Then we broke into the zoo. Not intentionally. We just walked across the street and next thing we knew we were in the zoo. I guess you pay admission when you park- in the zoo lot. Oh well- let's see that Albino Alligator! (On a side note- Nick has told me he thought it was cool that I didn't go all girly and freak about about sneaking in. In my opinion they should have a better system :) )

We sat on a picnic table eating our hot dogs and having our beers and just talking about our families and friends. I dripped mustand on my skirt. I just wiped it off- good thing I was wearing yellow :) I can honestly say that during that conversation I remember looking at him thinking, "I like this guy. I could marry someone like him".

Then we held hands. You remember that first hand holding deal. Oh my goodness- heart flips!

We walked around the zoo looking at the animals. The Albino Alligator looked fake, robotic. There was also a very scary display of recycled animals that some schoolkids scultped out of styrofoam cups and soda cans. I still have nightmares about them.

After the zoo we drove to a little bar downtown called 'The London Bridge'. We spent the afternoon drinking Guinness and talking more. Then we were hungry again. We made a quick trip to the grocery store for some food for dinner.

Back at Nick's townhouse he made dinner. Grilled steaks, pototoes and some vegetable. I can't remember (see- this is why I need to write this now. At 10 year it will be gone!) We just turned on some tunes and kept talking!

At 10 p.m. he walked me to the door and we had our first kiss. A nice goodnight kiss. More heartflips. It was such a wonderful, whirlwind day. I was on such a high as I left his townhouse that I started heading the wrong way on the freeway back to Madison.

We had another date the next weekend. He drove up to Madison this time. It wasn't a 10 hour date though- it was 4 days :)

I love you Nick. Even more today than I did 8 years ago. Thank you for always making me laugh!

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Melissa S said...

Totally hysterical photo of you 2 at your engagement party! Sooo any more details about the 4 day date????

I want to hear this story from Nick's perspective!