Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ho Ho Claus

For weeks Bennet has been wanting to see Ho Ho Claus. Every night she wants to wear her Candy Cane pj's and makes sure Scout has her Ho Ho Claus pj's on (they have snowmen and reindeer too- but B's all about the Ho Ho Claus). Even Scout was getting in on the fun. When she wakes up every morning she likes to look at the Santa Claus window cling on her window.

But Bennet was truly excited. Each morning she tells me one of three things A. Go away Mama- I'm sleeping B. I want to stay in my pjs all day or C. We going to see Ho Ho Claus today?

Well, last night was the night. She was very excited to see Ho Ho Claus. But in classic 2 3/4 toddler fashion she changed her mind when we got there. She was a little afraid of him. I can't say I blame her. Santa can be a little intimidating in that big red suit and beard. Plus- he's so powerful sitting in his big chair.

So instead of a photo with Bennet and Scout we all joined in the fun. Of course by the time we left we was giving him high fives. Santa was taking a break and he told Bennet that he had to go check on his reindeer. The rest of the night she wanted to go help Ho Ho Claus find those reindeer :)

She turns 3 next Sunday and she is so much fun at this age around the holidays. She has that geniune excitement about all the sights and sounds of the season. And we can still threaten her with the Naughty list and she believes us. I'm going to miss this. . .

Here is last years photo


Sara said...

Adorable! And it's sorta fun to have the family pic with Santa. I cherish ours from 2 years ago (that plus the fact that it was Russ's uncle playing Santa and the kids had no idea)and I'm sure you will too :)

charlotte said...

how cute is that? a family pic with Santa! such a cute story behind it too!

Williams Family said...

Love the whole family in there! We haven't been able to get Catherine even in line yet this year - Santa is definitely more intimidating this time around!

Jenney said...

Aw!! Great Santa pic!