Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Great Christmas Tree Adventure

I love the smell of a real Christmas tree. I love the traditional look of it. I'll take sap and pine needles anyday over a fake tree. Growing up we always had a real tree and it's something I want to continue for my family. That being said, it is alot of work and takes alot of patience! Especially this year.

On Sunday, Dec. 7th we trekked out to Newby's Farm to find our tree. It was cold! Here we are on the trailer as we head out into the woods.

Bennet had fun running through the snow. She kept saying, "Mama- wait for me!". It's hard to run in boots but trust me kid, your boots are nothing like the moon boots of my era.
Don't be fooled. I cut down the tree. Nick swoops in afterwards and gets the trunk all pretty and level. If he had his way we'd have a prelit tree. I'll admit there were times this year that I almost caved. Almost.
Poor little Scout had chapped lips and rosy cheeks. But like the trailer driver said, "Thanks for bringing your family and creating memories" Well said!
Look at that pout!That day all we're able to do is get the tree in the POS tree stand and tie it to the wall with wire. With 2 cats and 2 kids I just know it would crash otherwise.
The next day I decide to tackle the lights. I open my trusty, labeled rubbermaid tote to find all the lights beautifully wrapped and organized from the year before. Of course I test them before I start stringing them. Over half of the white lights are out. Lovely. They worked when I put them away last Jan. Very peculiar.
So I decide to go with all the blue lights. I'm a strand short. Curses.
The next day I buy another strand of blue and white. I get them home and they are icicle lights. Won't work. The next day after that I check Shopko for lights. None. Zero. Nada. No lights at Shopko. Um. . . . ok. I finally strike gold at Walgreens. 4 days after I started hanging the lights it's done. Not pretty, not even, not perfect, but done.

It isn't until last Friday that we hung our ornaments on the tree. Bennet wanted to hang all the fragile ornaments herself. "I use two hands Mom and walk really slow ok?" Scout went to the bedroom and pulled out a bin to stand on to reach higher. Ah- yes. Memories.
I tried to put the Santa Claus topper on and the tree started to tumble. So, no topper this year.
It isn't the world's prettiest tree. It isn't standing up straight. It isn't decorated on the bottom half. But it's our tree. To us it is beautiful. To us it is magical. To us it is ours.

Merry Christmas to all!!


Jenney said...

Very pretty tree!

Williams Family said...

Fabulous story. I can hardly wait to see how you scrap it for posterity. It's the stories like those that are the best memories for later! And, I think the tree is lovely. Our (boring, pre-lit, artificial) tree has most of the ornaments at about 3 ft height - guess who was hanging them? And it was cute - yesterday at the Nutcracker gift shop, Catherine kept taking the ornaments for sale in their buckets and hanging them on the tree they were next to.

Melissa S said...

I lovvve the pout! Love your tree..it is unique!!

JC/DC said...

It is YOUR tree and, therefore, it is BEE-YOU-TI-FUL. I love it! Personally, I am not into the perfect Martha Stewart trees. I like a more homey tree. I would take a Charlie Brown tree over an aluminum one anyday! :)