Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm Officially Published!!

This is the original post I made in late June:

I had submitted this to a couple publications since I was pretty happy with the layout. Then I saw something very similar in the Aug issue of Creating Keepsakes. Bummer. I thought of it first darn it :) Well I'm sure the whole word bubble thing is not a brand new concept. Oh well- I'm still proud of it.

It's funny. I have this goal of having a layout published in print. Sometimes I'm not sure why I care. Why do I need that validation? Why do I need someone else to tell me I'm worthy? At the end of the day I honestly scrapbook because it makes me happy. It makes me happy putting the moments of our life to paper for us to enjoy today and my grandkids (*gasp*) to enjoy later. It just makes me happy!!

I will say that I love Nick to pieces. I do the posting on our blog but he gets updates. The other day he says, "I spent some time on our blog today and saw a bunch of your projects I hadn't seen. Some of them are just great. You're really taking it to a whole obba lebel (inside joke). I don't know why you haven't been published yet" Thank you Nick- just the ego boost I needed :)

Here is the layout. I created the word bubble and put Bennet's favorite words and translation on the inside. Printed it on transparency for a clear look. The transparency doesn't show up well here. Then I did a combination of handwritten journaling and stickers right on the photo.

Journaling: You have inherited Grandma Sweeney's chatty gene. Talking a mile a minutes about anything and everything.


Well- less than a week after this post I got a call from Katie at Scrapbooks Etc. wondering if it was available for publication. Hell yeah it's available. I was so excited. Like I said, at the end of the day I honestly scrapbook because it makes me happy. But of course I'm thrilled to see my work in print. It just makes me feel all goey inside.

My copy hasn't arrived yet but thanks to the fabulous ladies at Wisconsin Scrappers I found out it was out. I can't find it in Wausau yet but it's out there. Scrapbooks Etc. Jan 2009 issue.

By the way, I created this layout at Tall Oaks Retreat. It's a great place for jump starting your mojo!!


Tracey said...

Awwww love what Nick said - how sweet was that !!!!! love this page too - just saw it on and love the word bubble TFS Kari and have a wonderful weekend XXX

McFarland Family said...

Sorry you weren't the first to think of it. It's adorable though!

Larry said...

well I think it should have been published, it's way cute! Have a great date night :)

Melissa S said...

Hi Kari! Nick is soo darn sweet to give you that support...

I love that lo too! You in my mind rock!

Julie E. said...

Awe, that page is just adorable!! Totally love it!! Somebody must've read your mind! Your day is coming sweetie...probably sooner than later. You're an amazing scrapper, and everyone knows it. :)

charlotte said...

What a great guy you have there.

It's a super cute idea you came up with, and I'd bet too that your big paper pub is coming soon. But your right yo don't need that validation- you are one rockin scarapper. I know I am always inspired in your gallery.

Amy said...

Nick is one amazing guy - and he is so right! I'm sure that big things are just around the corner for you.

What a cute layout. I might just have to lift this one. :)

.jessica jo. said...

this is so awewsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whhhoooohooo

Stacy said...

What a great guy you've got! Congrats on the publication, and I will be sure to get my copy as soon as I see it out. I can say I know a scrapping celeb now!

Char said...

OH KARI ANN!!! That is amazing!! I subscribe to that magazine so I will be keeping that one for sure!! Congratulations, you deserve it.