Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This Girl

Oh how this girl makes me laugh. Big, loud belly laughs. At 28 months she is just a riot! Yesterday she found a Frankenstein hat and went on to wear it all through dinner and our walk to the park. Seriously- only Ellie! In the first two photos she was trying to grab the camera to "See Ellie!"

She loves to snuggle. If you pick her up she'll nestle into your shoulder and give your back two little love pats.

She will come up to you and give your leg a giant hug and then kiss it before she walks away.

Actually- she rarely walks. She's usually running. Full board, non-stop.

She LOVES to dance. She will spin, jump and shimmy to anything with a beat. Check her out at last Friday's Spring Fling event at Bennet's school.

Yes- I giggle when she falls down.

Did you notice the killer death grip she had on that bag of chips? She carried that bag around for the whole 1 1/2 hours we were there. To quote Joey from Friends, "Ellie doesn't share food!"

She is definitely the most stubborn and determined of our girls. And she isn't afraid to let you know in extreme volume when she doesn't like something.

You certainly make our lives interesting Elliebean- we love you so very much!

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