Thursday, May 17, 2012

10 Things on Thursday

1. Listening to alot of Paolo Nutini. I dig it! 

2. HIMYM Finale verdict? All is right in the world! 

3.  I made these birds nest necklaces this year for Mother's Day. Next year I'll put some in my Etsy shop. i really like how they turned out. 

4. Bennet Snapshot of the Week: She learned how to do a proper skid out on her bike this week. She's been booking it down hills to skid out every since. Nick said, "Skids on your bike leave a mark just like skids in your underwear" to which Bennet replied "Daaadd!" Embarrassing her already!

5. Scout Snapshot of the Week:  Scout took her training wheels off but is being timid about trying her 2-wheeler. She really does have zero balance so it will be a work in progress, 

6.  Ellie Snapshot of the Week:  This week she's fallen in love with a fleece Winnie the Pooh blanket. She wants to take it everywhere with her. 

7. I've been sewing some summer skirts for my girls and 2 of my nieces. Here is one I made for Ellie. 

8.  9 full and 2 half days left of school. 

9. Reading and laughing- nothing. I'm between books. Would love suggestions! 

10. I am volunteering in Bennet's class on Friday for Game Day. I can't believe it's already the last board game day of the year. Time flies. 

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