Friday, August 12, 2011

Sunny Summer Days = FUN with Grandma

Grandma Mary Ella came to surprise the girls Wednesday night and was waiting on our front steps when we got home. As we pulled into the driveway Bennet burst out of the car. Scout shreiked, "Mom- get me outta here!"

We went to the Mint Cafe for dinner and then caught the beginning of the Concert on the 400 Block downtown.

Thursday we drove to Green Bay to enjoy  Bay Beach Amusement Park. We went last summer and had so much fun that I wanted to make in an annual event.  

They have 16 rides. There were only 4 rides that the girls were too short to ride. Even better is the fact that tickets cost 25cents a piece. Most rides are 1 ticket but never more than 2. Can't beat that! Bennet was SUPER excited for her very first roller coaster ride. Unfortunately she was a little too short. "Maybe when I'm 6 1/2 Mom!"

When I went down the giant slide with Bennet she said, "That kind of made me feel like I had to go potty. Weird right?"

I love Ellie's face here. She was a little unsure at first, but once Scout showed her how to work the bell she loved it!
Molly Jo- Do you see your cousin Bennet is riding a puppy named Molly? That made everyone smile!
Holding hands on their own as they wait in line. Melts a mom's heart.
And if Bay Beach wasn't enough on it's own, we went to the pool when we got home. We spent a little under an hour there, but the girls LOVED splashing with Grandma. Ellie was in bed by 6:15, Bennet and Scout followed by  7 p.m! A fun, busy, summer kind of day!

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Tracy said...

Your girls are adorable!!