Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fresh Cut

I've made no secret about how much Bennet's long straggly, snarly, Rapunzel inspired hair has driven me a little bonkers this summer. Couple the tears that come with the tangles with the fact that she's also growing out her bangs and you have a hot mess.

Well, yesterday morning she decided that she DID in fact want a hair cut. "Can I get a Cute Little Bob Mom?" Um YES YOU CAN!  I jumped at the chance before she changed her mind. I called JCP and took whoever they had. Her stylist happened to be the same woman who cuts Grandma Barb's hair. You can imagine her excitement over that. She had to call her when we got home!

We cut it up to her shoulders so she can still pull it up if she wants. And according to her she had her bangs trimmed- "She trimmed up the tips Mom". She's all ready for school.

I asked Scout in the morning if she wanted a hair cut. She told me no. Of course once we get there she wanted one. I should have known. Luckily for her, Nick was with us and was able to take her to a different salon in the mall and have a trim as well.


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Molly said...

She looks so grown up now!! I've had both my girls with bobs at this age, b/c I just find the tangle wars not worth it. She is just beautiful!!

jkreuser said...

Tell Bennet that her friend Asha got a cute little bob yesterday too~
Nana Jody