Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Facts

1.Ellie has her first 2 teeth coming through on the bottom. She is our earliest teether yet. B was 10 months. Scout was 15 months.

2. We went to an Ice Cream Social at Bennet's school the other night. It turns out that she is quite the social butterfly. On two separate occasions there were two little girls who pulled on their parents sleeves and said, "Mom, Dad- there's Bennet" and came to give her a hug. I asked Bennet what their names were and she said, "I don't know Mom". She must have Nick's inability to remember names unlike my ability to remember all sorts of random dates/names.

3. We painted the kitchen last weekend. Mellow Yellow. It's supposed to be a buttercream yellow. Not so much- it looks like Big Bird threw up. Trying a new color.

4. Halloween costumes have been chosen. Bennet will be SuperGirl (I need to start sewing), Scout is a purple fairy and Ellie will be Princess Leia.

5. Scout wants to do EVERYTHING by herself. I love the independence but it's frustrating at the same time.

6. Nick is up to his elbows in work. Way to go!!

7. Reading The Thirteen Tale by Diane Setterfield. Nick is re-reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

8. Wants Katy Perry to take a radio break. If I hear California Girls or Teenage Dream one more time I may lose it.

9. Has all kinds of holiday projects in my head. Wonder if I'll get them done.

10. Plans on relaxing with a glass of red wine tonight.

11. I am missing my family a little bit. But my sister, BIL and niece are coming to visit next month. I can wait that long.

12. If you're not watching Cougar Town (horribly misnamed) (ABC Wednesday night following Modern Family) you should start. It's really funny.


Grandma T said...

Love the picture of you and Ellie! I will need to make an enlargement of that one.

Camilla said...

so cute that B is so popular! and i love cougar town... hilarious!