Friday, October 29, 2010

10 Fun Friday Facts

1. Went out to dinner last night with my mother-in-law and 3 sister-in-laws. Mexican, margaritas (as big as my head) and chat = HAPPINESS.

2. Read 'The Mountain Between Us' by Charles Martin. It was so so. Kind of predictable. Nick is still reading The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen

3. Thinking of re-reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows before the movie comes out on 11/19.

4. On Wednesday I chaperoned the YWCA GIRLS Club Beauty Night at the State College of Beauty Culture. I brought Bennet with me to help set up the food/etc. She did such a great job that she got her hair all curly.

5. She was in her element with the middle school girls. Who doesn't like getting their hair done? Being able to sip juice and eat a cookie while it happens? Bonus!

6. My parents are coming to visit tomorrow. We can't wait!

7. If Grey's Anatomy doesn't end the stupid 'Christina Yang has post traumatic stress disorder and can't cut people' storyline I'm going to jump ship. I'm not a fan of her character to begin with.

8. I put our flannel sheets on our bed. It makes it a little tougher to get out of bed in the morning but they sure are wonderful to sleep on!

9. Is starting to think about Christmas shopping but not doing anything about it.

10. November 2 is a big day. Election Day (can't wait for it to be over), my brother-in-law Matt's birthday and it's Mike Trunnell Day (that's my dad!)

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