Friday, October 1, 2010

Dare to Fall

I created this layout for the Freaky Friday Storytelling challenge at ScrapFreak.

I was feeling a little overwhelmed juggling the start of my new job, house, husband and three kids. Then I realized that I can do this. I’m a multitasking, go-go-go, try anything type of person. I might as well embrace it.

Nick took this photo of me this summer. I was doing a childrens obstacle course at a picnic up north. The last photos in this series would show that I fell flat on my backside.

TITLE: Dare to Fall
Journaling: I don't know when I became a 'try anything once' girl. I figure life is too short to not embrace the opportunites that it presents- even the crazy ones. I view life like a puzzle. Not something to be completed, but something that is made up of little pieces. I am a firm believer that we are made up of all the pieces. Those pieces that make our heart soar. The pieces that break our heart. Those corner pieces that are held by those people dearest to us. The ones in the middle that hold memories that make you laugh until you cry. I am not fearless. I am human. I know I may make a poor decision. But no regrets because I still