Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trading Spaces

Baby Thermos isn't due for 3 more months (14 weeks to due date) but some things fell into place which moved the big room switch up on our schedule. My inlaws are doing some remodeling and graciously donated some gently used carpet to us to use in the girls room and nursery. We had the carpet installed yesterday.

Our house was built in 1961. While this isn't very old bysome standards, but it is just old enough to come with small rooms. Were people smaller back then or just have less clothes because the closet space is sad. The rooms are tiny. Oh well- we just sleep there right? I'm rambling- back to the big room switch.

Scout is moving into Bennet's room along with a new set of bunk beds. The room is too small to have two single beds. Not only is she moving rooms she's also going from a crib to a bed. Big changes around here.

Here is Bennet's (now referred to as the Girls Room) room before.

Here is the Girls Room tonight.

Scout was so darn excited she couldn't catch her breath. She just kept talking about the bed and Bennet and the ladder and the room and and and. It only took an hour for both of them to be quiet and go to bed. Not bad for the first night.
In another post I'll do a before and after of the nursery. We need to reinstall the crib and getting the bunk bed together last night was enough of a test of our patience :)


Lindsey McFarland said...

Adorable! Bunk beds are our next purchase. You think 1961 closets are bad...try 1929!

Brenda said...

aww...I love the big girl room! The bunk beds are adorable. Our girls slept together until just recently and they have had many happy memories sharing and giggling at night. I have no doubt the same will be true at your house! :)

Dawn said...

Very cute!!! They will love having a room together. And when #4 comes, and shares with #3, they will love it too. :) Glad Scout is taking to her big girl bed nicely.