Saturday, October 17, 2009

This girl. . .

cracks me up. It seems like within the last month she's just begun to talk EVEN more and with more hilarity and speed than before if you can believe that.

Me-"Let's go to the store ok?"

B- "Is Dad coming with us?"

Me- "Nope. He has to work. He brings home the bacon"

B- "Oh that's good. Daddy really likes bacon"
B- "Whatcha doin'" Exactly like Isabella from Phineas & Ferb. Yes- she's a big fan. She's also started saying, "Don't you have a job?!?" from the show.
She is very excited about the impending changes to her room. Within the next two weeks she'll be getting carpet and a new bunk bed which means Scout is moving in. She can't wait for the bunk beds and is actually excited about sharing a room.
She's been talking about her cousin Molly Jo alot. She wants to see how big she's gotten and whether or not she can talk yet. I told her she couldn't talk yet but she wants to see for herself.


Brenda said...

Oh my goodness! When did she grow up so much? What a beauty. Its so fun to see how their little minds work at this age. Fun! :)

Williams Family said...

Darling! I would love to know how the bunk beds work out - I've been warned off them, but would love it for Catherine & James, especially when Emma joins them in the bedroom!

Matt said...

I love that she asks about Molly! :) She definitely needs to see her soon! I love the "Bennetisms"