Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cabin weekend with the Mann's

We had a relaxing weekend at the cabin with Terry and Sarah Mann along with their two girls, Macey and Norah. We have been wanting to get up there for years. The last time we had a weekend together Bennet was 10 months old. Unacceptable :)

We went to Bent's Camp for Friday Night Fish Fry. The girls got a little slots in before dinner. We woke up Saturday morning without power. In addition to the lack of power there was also 4-5 inches of fresh snow on the ground. The snow took out the power. Luckily the cabin ran on natural gas so we lit some candles and made the best of it. I think all the adults were craving coffee though. The power came back around 8:40 a.m. and our first step was coffee :)
I was not a good Mom. I remembered boots but not snow pants. Not that the girls cared.
We had to get the pontoon out of the water and haul it back home. Luckily Terry was willing to help Nick. Not the best day weather wise, but they got it out in one piece.

When they got back we all carved pumpkins. A nice indoor fall activity.
Terry and Macey. At one point Macey jokingly said, "This is gross. Why are we doing this?" :)

The Sweeney family pumpkins including one for Baby Thermos.
The Mann family pumpkins.
Bennet had alot of fun having a big sister to play with this weekend. It was sweet to see the three of them play together.

Isn't Norah cute? Look at that smile.


.jessica jo. said...

looks like you guys had a great weekend!!!

Jamilie said...

Wow!! Look at all that SNOW!! Great pictures!!