Wednesday, August 12, 2009

WooHoo Wednesday (Aug. 12, 2009)

It was a beautiful August day today. Just the right perfect day for a trip to the Splash Pad for Woo Hoo Wednesday. Nick played hooky from golf to head north with some friends from high school. By now I imagine they are all reminiscing and sharing back-in-the-day stories over a case of beer.
Anyways- back to the Splash Pad. This was Bennet's favorite part. She'd plop down on top of the spout then lay down completely on top of it. She was so proud!
Scout still prefers the smaller spouts and keeping her face somewhat dry. Oh how she giggled!
I have no idea why this loaded sideways and after 3 attempts to fix I'm saying 'give'. My sister Katie made those flipflops with balloon embellishments 4 years ago for her wedding and they are still one of my favorite fun pair of flip flops. We came home and wrapped up the evening with snuggles on the couch while we watched Tinkerbell (anything is better than Finding Nemo right now) and ate popcorn. A very good end to a very good day!


Rita said...

Looks like fun!

Jenn said...

How fun and I love those flip flops!

jenney said...

Sounds like a great day!!