Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wacky Weekend

Friday night we rented Dumbo and I Love You Man. Dumbo is WAY out there. What is with that whole 20 minute psychedelic Pink Elephant montage. It's like 1/2 the movie. When I was 8/9 years old my parents went on vacation for 2 weeks and my 2 year old brother demanded we watch it repeatedly when they were gone. Grandpa Bud is still scarred. I still know every word to every song.

I think Paul Rudd is wonderful so I enjoyed 'I Love You Man'. A nice little bromance if you will. And RUSH really is a great band so the music was a plus.

On the suggestion of our neighbor Charity we checked out a new park in Weston.

There were two other kids playing at the park. At one point the Mom asked me how old Bennet was. I told her, "She'll be 4 in December". She replied, "Oh- both Sarah and David have Dec. birthdays. David will be 4 too". I said, "Yeah- poor girl has hers on Dec. 21" "No way- David too"

So long story short we figured out that after Dr. Abadeer stitched me up at St Clare's around 3 a.m. he hauled himself over to Aspirus to deliver David. I vaguely remember him saying something about having to go deliver one more (it was his last night after 30+ years). Small world eh?

Do you think I got her name so I could send David a card every year? Nope. That would have been too smart.

Around dinner time I hear the girls running down the hallway followed by simultaneous crying. Not the wah-wah kind but the 'I broke a bone kind'. I look down the hallway to see our 6 ft tall x 3 ft. wide hall mirror shattered. A point of contact and then it cracked out from there. Apparently Bennet pushed Scout as she was making the corner to her room and Scout's head ran into the mirror. We're talking an industrial width mirror here. No blood, no goose egg, just alot of tears, hugs and "I'm sorry I broke the mirror Mom and sory I pushed Scout' from Bennet. Now we're staring at a 1970's mint green section of wall.

Sunday- things happen in threes. Number two on the list was Scout breaking the one oscillating fan we have. We are dealing with some water issues in the basement and need all the circulation we can get. Number three on the list is a fried DVR hard drive. All our taped shows are gone including all those wonderful cartoons that keep the girls motionless while we're cooking dinner. I'm bummed.

So- tomorrow is a new day. A new week. Please- for the love of all that is decent and holy- let it be a little less chaotic than this weekend.


Casie said...

We were just talking about losing what's on the DVR on Thursday! So sorry you lost all of your "good stuff" lol... Here's to a better week!

.jessica jo. said...

Sorry your weekend was crappy Kari ((Hugs)). Hope this week turns around for you!

Vanessa said...

Ugh, you sooo did not have a good weekend! I'm sooo sorry :( ::::hugs:::: Although, I can't really comment on watching Dumbo part, that's actually one of my fav Disney movies!

Cathy said...

Love the song playing....reminds me of the summer of 6th grade. Were you born yet in 1978? LOL

Sorry for your crappy weekend.


redoaklines said...

sorry to hear about the weekend. hopefully things have been running more smoothly for you!


jenney said...

Yikes!! Hope the next weekend was better!