Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Woo Hoo Wednesday (June 17)

We had a pretty mellow Woo Hoo Wednesday yesterday. We went to Michael's to pick out a craft to make Nick for Father's Day. I did give him a hint that it's pink. Bennet told me that pink is his favorite color :)

After a quick run through the grocery store we came home and had dinner. Then we made a bee line to Dairy Queen for ice cream cones. I must be getting old because when my order of 2 kiddie cones and 1 small cone came to $3.43 I had to ask- "How much are the kiddie cones?" 89cents each. When Nick worked there they were free to both dogs and children. Oh well.

Since I can't share our Father's Day craft project yet I'll post some current things about the girls.

This girl. . . is 3 1/2 on Sunday. Closer to 4 than 3. How is that possible?
She . . .

Makes us laugh. Here are some of the conversations I've overheard lately.

Over Dinner:
Dad - "I keep banging my head on this code and can't figure it out"
Bennet - "Oh Daddy that's horrible. Horrible"

Out of the blue:
Bennet to Me- "I like you Honey"
(I cannot supress laughter. Where did Honey come from?)
Me to Bennet - "I like you too Sugar"
Repeat the phrase and giggles over and over.

She is developing a knack for voice over work. The other day she said, "Perry the Playpus. What are you doing here?" In a spot on Dr. Doofensmertz voice from Phineas & Ferb (cartoon).

She is very concerned about who bought things. "Mom- who bought those power poles with the farting boxes?" (the farting boxes is a whole other story). "Mom- who bought those cars?" "Mom- did you buy this music box for me? Oh thank you Mama"


This girl. . . is nearly 22 months old. Right now she is the age Bennet was when she was born. Now that is crazy!

She. . .

Is a monster. A happy, climbing, growling, monster. As Nick says, Bennet is matches and Scout is gasoline.

Loves cats and dogs. She squeels with delight.

Would eat a whole wheel of cheese if we let her. She really digs cheese.

She will come and grab your hand and lead you upstairs at night when she's ready for bed.

She wants to do everything that Bennet does. Wear sandals, use the same cup, eat the same food.

She is starting to have more words. Granted they are words that only Nick and I understand but that counts :)

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Tracy Kosofsky said...

Your photos and post made me smile this morning!! Don't you wonder where they get some of the things they say???