Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Belated Father's Day!!

Happy belated Father's Day!!

Nick spent part of the day on the golf course with his Dad, 2 of his 3 brothers and nephew. We made him a nice simple breakfast to get him prepped for a day of swings and putts. Bennet and Scout made him an AWESOME wooden kleenex holder. Bennet picked it out at the craft store, "Mom- Dad really likes kleenexes" He surely does. According to B he also likes pink since that's the color is got painted. We added some bling too- stickers, pirate badge, guitar and anchor. All his favorites. He also got a nice new fishing watch so it wasn't a total bust.

We had the chance to talk to my Dad on Skype in the evening. The best invention ever.

I just love this photo of him.
JOURNALING: This is such a classic image of my dad. His hat on- ready to go outside to work on one of his projects or into town for coffee with his cronies. Always up to something.
Happy Father's Day Dad, Nick & Sweeney Dad!!

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jenney said...

Love the layout!! So perfect for a dad!