Saturday, June 13, 2009

Grandma Mary Ella

I love my mom. I am lucky enough to have a very close relationship with her. It's pretty much been like that from the time I was little. Now both of my girls are building a special relationship with her too.

One of my Mom's favorite phrases while we were growing up was, "Have I told you yet today. . " She never had to say the "that I love you" part because we knew. She always tells Bennet and Scout "I love you to the Moon and back" They associate it with her. When I say it to Bennet her reply is always, "Just like Grandma Mary Lella right Mama?"

I made this simple little floating frame to hang in Bennet's room. I LOVE alphabet stickers so it was easy to find supplies in my current stash. There are little rhinestones at the top near the 'i' and by the heart on the bottom. LAYOUT: Simple Joys
I did some machine stitching around the edge. I did fussy cuts for the flowers. I cut the stems apart and did some handstitched stems as well.

JOURNALING: You & your Grandma "Mary Lella" have a special relationship. You love spending time together- reading books, playing games, and giving lots of hugs & kisses. I love seeing you the two of you loving each other.

Photo taken at Dick's Main Tap (I can't remember the new name), April 3, 2009, Elk River.


Jayne said...

Awww - very sweet!! LOVE that framed sign!!

Tracy Kosofsky said...

What a special thing for her to have in her room - and the layout is gorgeous, too!

Mary Ella said...

Love you, too, Kari!

Lindsey McFarland said...

Just gorgeous! Love the stitching!