Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Scrapbook Madness

I figured I could share some of the layouts I made recently. Enjoy!
Life Lesson
Journaling: We learned early in our relationship that laughing with each other & at each other was part of what made us happy together.

This photo was taken at our engagement party in 2003.

Joyful, Exciting, Fantastic Snow

Odd to make this in summertime but oh well. Photos from a snowy day in March. Used my scraps with my circle punches. It scanned really bright white oops.
In My Heart
Journaling: I love being you mom. The way you see me just makes me feel so happy. I am so proud of the little girl you are becoming. I see parts of a younger version of me in you and that is so cool. In my heart you have a special spot. A spot where our relationship grows as mother & daugther- as friends.

I'm proud of this photo. I set up the tripod and took it on self-timer


Stacy said...

Great layouts Kari always. I need to get my tripod out more often and take some photos of me and my boys individually. You have inspired me.

Jayne said...

Great layouts Kari!!