Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stoli Kitty Party

Last Saturday we had a Kitty Party. Not for a breathing Kitty- oh no, that would be too normal. This party was for a tried, true, stuffed animal friend, Stoli Kitty.

The Guest of HonorOn the day Bennet was born Nick bought her Stoli Kitty in the hospital gift shop. The two of them have been inseparable from about 8 months of age on. As you can see, poor Stoli has seen better days. She can't hold her head up due to repeated hugs. Her whiskers were kissed off long ago. Her eyes are a little scuffed from love. She is a bacterial nightmare but she is Bennet's Velveteen Rabbit and that somehow makes the shabbiness tolerable.

Last week while reading bedtime stories we mentioned that Stoli was 3, just like Bennet. Well of course as soon as she heard that she decided that we needed to have a Kitty Party. She talked about it ALL WEEK!

She told Dad that she wanted a chocolate cake in the shape of a heart with sprinkles. She was very specific. She's lucky Dad likes to make cakes :)

She also told me that she wanted purple and blue crepe paper to be wound around the stairs just like at her birthday party. Good thing I had some left over. I smile at the things 3 year olds latch onto like party decorations.
Bennet in her party dress with Stoli Kitty. Bennet's other kitties, Jones and Purrs came to the party too. Grandma T and Megan attended as well. We sang a very spirited 'Happy Birthday' and blew out the candle.
There is Stoli sitting next to B.
Even Scout had on her dress for the party. Can you see why we call her Scout Monster? Grrrr Cake good! Frosting good!


jenney said...

You are the coolest parents!!! You HAVE to scrap this!!!!

Jayne said...

Sooo sweet! Happy birthdya Stolli Kitty!!

mustangkayla said...

You guys crack me up! What a good mommy to play along and decorate! What a great hubby to bake a cake! Your kiddos are so darn cute!

Stacey said...

Sooo fun! What a great idea!

Stacy said...

What a sweet moment for Bennet and Stoli Kitty! Very fun!

Amy said...

I so see something like this happening for Abe the blue dog one of these days. How fun!!

Becky said...

What a wonderful memory you made for Bennett. She and Scout are lucky to have such cool parents. :)

Sara said...

Those furry friends are an essential part of a family! Great that you celebrated them :)