Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day!!

Ah- Labor Day. This photo is from last Labor Day. The last photo of Bennet and me. I had Scout 2 days later. Little did I know. This is a busy week of celebrating for our family.

Not only is today Labor Day, but it is our friend Travis and Karin Weiss 7th wedding anniversary. I remember that wedding like it was yesterday!

September 2nd is our niece Taylor's 17th birthday and my grandparents 69th wedding annivesary. Congratulations to Bud and Leona!!! Simply amazing.
September 4th is our nephew Duncan's 19th birthday although he'll be studying hard in Madison (cough cough) and Ma & Pa Sweeney's 43rd wedding anniversary.
September 5th Scout turns one!! (Where did the year go?)
September 6th- Our 5th wedding anniversary that we share with friends Matt & Amy Bell.


charlotte said...

what a wonderful month of celebrations for family and friends! Sending a great big HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY to Scout and a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and Nick! :)

Julie E. said...

Busy month for you...sounds like my December. What a cute pic of you two (3) Happy Birthday to Scout!! :)