Friday, September 19, 2008

Fun at the Park

We've lived in Wisconsin long enough to know that winter will be here before we know it. The leaves are already changing. This time of year we try to take advantage of those last lingering days of Indian Summer before the first flakes fall. A couple nights a week we do a super simple dinner so we can walk to the park before bathtime/bed.

Bennet still LOVES the swings.
However, she is still working on that whole sharing thing. Naturally since Scout was in the other swing that was exactly where she had to be. It wouldn't be fair to Scout to take her out so we put Bennet in. :) Bennet was not the happiest of campers. Sometimes you get what you ask for.
Scout on the other hand thought it was a hoot. No seriously- she was actually hooting :)


Jayne said...


Melissa S said...

Ooooookkk! I love that song...:)

Anyways...I did that with Abi and Ava...2 in a was soo funny...and Abi was just like B..she didn't like it once she got it...! Ha!

mustangkayla said...

Those pictures are so darn cute!

Williams Family said...

That is absolutely precious!