Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Scout!


We can hardly believe it's been a year. This time a year ago started out like any typical Wednesday. Although with the slight contractions I was having there was NO way I was making my weekly trip to Eau Claire. I went into the office in the morning and called the nurse. She thought I should come in to get checked out. I remember telling the BrrrBabies that I'd be back soon :) We went to the hospital around noon to get checked out 'just in case' sure we'd be sent home. I just found my hospital bracelet that was printed at 2:40 p.m. and by 3:27 p.m. that afternoon Scout Ann was born, 2 1/2 weeks early.

8 months old

She is an absolute joy. She is just a happy, smiley baby.

She loves:
-to walk. She started walking a month or so ago and has been chasing Bennet ever since.
-to climb. Nick found her snuggled up in B's bed with a book the other day.
-the cats, Stoli and Jones. She lays on top of them trying to give them a hug.
-to eat. Everything and anything. Even though she has ZERO teeth! Her favorites are mandarin oranges (like her Grandma Sweeney) and spaghetti.
-her sister. Oh how she lights up when Bennet comes in the room.
-to growl. She is a little monster.
-to squint her eyes and pretend she's hiding from you.
-bathtime. My goodness the girl can splash.


McFarland Family said...

Happy 1st Birthday Scout!
I remember the day like it was yesterday, waiting for your mom to tell us what was going on, next thing we knew you were here! I hope you have a fabulous birthday!!

Amy said...

Happy birthday, Miss Scout!

Williams Family said...

Happy birthday, sweet Miss Scout!

Melissa S said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She sure is a happy smiley baby..and that is thanks to having such awesome parents and sister>...:)

Jayne said...

She is such a cutie!!

Julie E. said...

OMGOSH...what a cutie!!! Happy Birthday Scout!!