Saturday, March 31, 2007

Easter Egg Hunt

Bennet and I joined our friends Sarah and Macey for an Easter Egg Hunt at the local college. It was sponsored by our credit union. There were tons of kids. The Easter Bunny was there too. But. . . Bennet took one look at him and buried her face in my shoulder.

Bennet kept trying to get under the rope into the Egg area early. Patience my dear girl.

Ooohh! A golden egg!

Don't mind me Macey, I'm just going to 'borrow' an egg or two.

Bennet and her friend Macey.


andrealyn said...

Ms Bennet, you are the cutest bunny I've seen!

Brenda said...

That looks like a good time. And those bunny ears are adorable. I agree with far, the cutest bunny I've seen!

McFarland Family said...

Cutest bunny ever!

Molly said...

Definitely the cutest bunny ever!! Love her little jeans and brown shoes, she looks so chic!!!