Wednesday, March 21, 2007

15 Months Old

I swear it feels like we just celebrated her first birthday, but Bennet is 15 months today. Nick hit TJMaxx this week and found this fancy denim dress. I have to say, Dad's got good taste!

Bennet's favorite things @15 months:
  • Dogs and saying 'Woof Woof' even to the birds
  • Spaghetti and any type of meat
  • The American Idol theme song "A whoo oooh"
  • Still digs the beads
  • Making monkey sounds to her bath towel
  • Helping brush Stoli & Jones. She likes to take the hair off the brush and put it back on them
  • Getting tickled
  • This little piggy went to market


Brenda said...

What a great list! And daddy did a great job on that dress. I love her expressions...she just couldn't be any cuter! Can't wait to meet her this summer!!

andrealyn said...

That is a fantastic list Ms Bennet! Talan loves this little piggy too! Maybe you guys can entertain eachother with it in July! And I will say, Nick, you have nice taste in clothing.

McFarland Family said...

Wow good taste daddy! Love Ms B's favorite things. We have a "woof-er" who barks at most animals too!

JC/DC said...

She is just so adorbale! I cannot wait to see her again!!! Such expression

Carla said...

That's really cute! I think she even looks a little like her mama in that first photo!

Cynthia said...

Cute dress and even cuter little girl! I would have killed to see Nick in the girls' department at TJ Maxx!