Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The good, the bad, the crying

Contrary to what the photos on these two layouts show I really am a caring, sympathetic mother. However, when the camera is ready to snap a photo I snap the photo. The good, the bad, the crying.

Last Easter Bennet got her head stuck in the wrought iron fence at G&G Sweeney's. Not surprised. I wanted to create the look of a fence/jail so I took a bunch of thin paper strips and stitched a black box around the photos. (The Unpleasant Side of Life Challenge at Inspired to Scrap)
 Then there is Scout. She is a superhero tomboy who doesn't mind creepy crawlies so I was really surprised to see this reaction. Pure terror. Of course now she sees this photo and wants to show it off. Crazy girl. On a side note- the orange chipboard letters I used for the title have been in my stash for at least 4 years. LOVE using up product!! (Freaky Friday Poster Inspiration challenge at ScrapFreak)

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Michelle said...

Cute pages, Kari. My recently turned 5 yr old got his head stuck in something like that at the UW-RF Hunt Arena. We were there watching an ice skating recital of one my 13 yr's friends. My kids reacted the same way when butterflies land on them.