Thursday, February 2, 2012

10 Things on Thursday

1. A couple of weekends ago Bennet went MN to spend time with my Mom and Dad. And to see the Lion King at the Orpheum with my Mom. A very special 6th birthday present. She hasn't stopped singing Hakuna Matata since she came home. She was blown away!
2. Nick started teaching at UW-Stevens Point last week. Monday and Wednesday mornings will be early for all!
3. We recently rented "What's your Number?" with Anna Faris and Chris Evans. Perfectly predictible
rom-com but we liked it.
4. I finished this book a couple weeks ago. It started strong and then became a little too predictable.

5. I finished this book last week. It started a bit slow but by the middle I was sucked in. It was on all the  Best Books of 2011 lists. An overall good read.

6. Conversation with Scout in the car after school. Me "So what did you have for lunch today? Scout "Oh Mom- it was a-licious (delicious). It was biscuits with a-licious gravy on the top. You really should try it!" The girl LOVES gravy!
7. Two years ago today was my due date with Ellie. We had her 2 year old check up yesterday. She is topping the charts at 36" tall and nearly 33 pounds.
8. I'm hoping to get some Valentines Day projects done this weekend. In between loads of laundry!
9. The Walking Dead comes back in less than 2 weeks!
10. Bennet really wants to go ice skating. We'll see if we can squeeze that in this weekend as well.

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