Friday, May 20, 2011

A little baby, a little art and a little sewing

Earlier this week I sent off a package to Minnesota. Specifically, a package to my sister Katie, brother-in-law Matt, 2 year old neice Molly Jo and their new daughter/sister Morgan.  There was something for everyone.

When I had Scout, my BrrrBaby friend Molly sent us a personalized blanket with Scout's name on it. Since she was my 2nd girl, we already had plenty of pink and it was so nice having something made just for her. With that in mind I made this Subway Art for Morgan's nursery.  I wanted to include all her birth stats. etc. I had it printed out as an 8 x 10 and framed it.

When I had Ellie, my BrrrBaby friend Amy made us a personalized jumper for her. She also sent along 2 crayon rolls and coloring books for B and Scout. With that in mind I made a crayon roll up using this tutorial. I packed it up with a couple of coloring books for Molly. I thought she would enjoy using it while on car trips to the cabin or Wisconsin. :)

And of course I couldn't leave out Mom and Dad. With a new baby brings even more photo opportunities. Even though they have a famcy camera strap already, I made them another one. (I made one for me too :) )

I hope the package brought a smile to their faces!


gottaluvboyz said...

Pure awesome-ness all around!!! I LOVE the subway art? Did you use PS? I have been wanting to make my own, but am unsure how to line everything up.

Grandma T said...

Once again, your thoughtfulness appears! I'm sure they were all thrilled with their goodies!